The Architecture Exploration Program (AEP) is a STE[A]M, educational program facilitated by the AIA Palm Beach Foundation for Architecture in conjunction with AIA Palm Beach. This dynamic curriculum enrichment program pairs professional architects with classroom teachers in after-school programs. We also offer Summer Camp experiences and targeted workshops depending on the need.

The Architecture Exploration Program sharpens a student’s math, science, social studies, art and core academics with hands on project-based lessons while exposing them to architecture basic principles.

The Architecture Exploration Program has its roots in the Architecture in Education Program originally conceived by the Florida Foundation for Architecture. The Architecture in Education program began as a pilot program in two Florida Schools in 2015 and has expanded to interested schools around Florida. More than 300 students have experienced this program and Florida school principals say that the program provides a perfect bridge between traditional STEM learning and real-life hands-on experiences.

We need architects and associates from the Palm Beach Chapter to present the AEP curriculum course to Summer Camp registrants (Ages 9-12) during our two-week session being offered online only through the Armory Arts Center: Volunteers will present a two-hour course, once a day for the 2 week period of Weeks 5 (July 19-23) & Week 6 (July 26-30). Volunteers are asked to cover at least two days of instruction but are welcome to cover more. This course will be offered via the Armory Art online platform and volunteer instructors will have the option to live stream from their offices, or directly from the Armory.

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Schedule for each day:

9:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. – Instructor Login

9:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. – Class Open and Check In

10 a.m. – 12 p.m. – Class

Week 1

July 19:            Lesson 1: Introduction to Architecture – 1 volunteer slot

July 20:            Lesson 2: How do we Talk About Architecture –  1 volunteer slot

July 21:            Lesson 3: Components of Architecture (Marshmallow bridge)- 2 volunteer slots

July 22:            Lesson 4: How do we Design Buildings – 2 volunteer slots

July 23:            Lesson 5: Architecture and the Environment – 2 volunteer slots

Week 2

July 26:            Lesson 6a: Final Design Project Introduction – 2 volunteer slots

July 27:            Lesson 6b: Final Design Project Development – 2 volunteer slots

July 28:            Lesson 7a: Final Design Project Model –  1 volunteer slot

July 29:            Lesson 7b: Final Design Project Model –Working on final project – 4 volunteer slots.

July 30:            Lesson 8 – Final Lesson with Student Presentations – 8 volunteer slots